Risk Assessment Policy…

The Early Years Foundation Stage requires childcare providers to conduct risk assessments and review them regularly.

We check our home and garden every morning before the minded children arrive to ensure that it is a safe environment for the children to play in. We also risk assess any environment that we take the children into, for example walking to school, the shops, library and toddler groups etc. If we are planning to take the children into environments that are unknown to us, we try to do a risk assessment in advance so we are aware of any potential hazards, although this may not always be possible.

We record our assessments on sheets and these are stored in a file. These documents are available for any parent to see on request as well as Ofsted.

In accordance with the Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements we have a strict no smoking policy. No one is permitted to smoke in our setting.

We will not take the children into smokey environments and will avoid places that permit smoking wherever possible.