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Registered childminders

Kelly and Terry

Policy category

Policy name

Illnesses, accidents and incidents

Accident and incident policy

Medicine policy

Sickness policy

 Safeguarding children

Alcohol and drugs policy

Behaviour policy

Safeguarding children policy

Out and about

Lost or missing child policy

In the setting

Allegations of abuse against childminder policy

Late payment of fees policy

Complaints procedure policy

Confidentiality policy

Uncollected child policy

Fire and emergency evacuation policy

Equal opportunities policy

Health and safety policy

Over 8’s child minding policy

Pet policy

Raising concerns policy

Smoking policy

Working in partnership with parents policy

Well being

Healthy eating policy

Hygiene policy

Care, learning and play policy

Complete list of our policies…

There are too many policies to publish in full on this web site but they are all on file at our setting and are always available to any client or potential client who wish to inspect them.

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